We are now in vacancy following the union of Alexandria and Jamestown and linkage with Gartocharn/Kilmaronock as per Dumbarton Presbytry Plan. Rev Ian Miller has been appointed interim moderator to the congregations. Rev Ian together with Rev Donnie Campbell lead worship as follows:-

SERVICE every Sunday at 11.30am. Sunday School meets during the Service

CHARIS, (Prayer Service) is held every 2nd Wednesday at 6:30pm

On 3rd Sunday of each month a short service is held at Oakbank Sheltered Housing in Alexandria.

On 3rd Thursday of each month a short service is held in Balquhidder Care Home, Alexandria

Holy Communion is celebrated on the 1st Sunday of February, June, and October, with additional short communion after service every 6 weeks

During the current Covid19 pandemic all church buildings are closed and we are maintaining contact through social media with Facebook. Every Sunday, Rev Ian and Rev Donnie are presenting a 15 minute Prayer and Reflections on our Facebook page or YouTube channel. We also have a daily prayer on our Facebook page.