Early Burns Supper

We’d a great night on Friday 5th Jan with 85 people attending our 12th night Burns Supper. David McDonald had arranged a superb programme with our own Malcolm Gilmour piping in the Haggis before David addressed it. Fergus Mclellan gave the immortal memory, followed by glorious rendition of Tam a Shanter by  Walter Sneddon.  David McDonald performed his  own variation of Willie Wassel.  John McKenzie proposed a hilarious toast to the lassies and which was well rebutted by his wife, Dorcas.

Rev Liz did an excellent job in chairing the proceeding  with some eloquent rhyming couplet introductions. The church choir provided musical interludes and we were grateful to the mission and outreach team for doing all the preparation in the background. Wizgonis supplied an excellent mealburns2018

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